Xtras: 3rd Annual Good Brews at Citizens Bank Park for Phillies Phans [2014 LOCATOR]

After a ridiculously-brutal winter in Philadelphia, nothing sounds better than warm weather, Phillies baseball and ice cold brews. Which particular beer? Where is it located? Fear not, Phillies/beer fans, we got you covered. Welcome to our 3rd Annual CBP Phillies beer locator! This year, we’re new and improved with a much more mobile-friendly interface.

We hit the Phillies preseason exhibition series (well, one game versus Pittsburgh, as the second was rained out) for an advanced look at this year’s ballpark beers. Here’s the biggest thing that caught our eye for this 2014 season: CANS. CANS. And more/bigger … CANS!

Whether it’s craft beer or domestic, it seems like can beer is all the rage. For example, Budweiser’s mega can is 25 ounces, when compared to Miller and Coors’ 24 ouncer. Is the extra ounce going to sway your purchase? That’s for you to decide. Last season, we pointed out where large Yuengling and PBR cans were located. This season, you’re going to see mega cans everywhere and anywhere, and not just the standard domestic stuff either. Anheuser-Busch’s premium brands dominate this year in can form. You’ll find large cans of Stella, Goose Island 312 Urban Pale Ale, Goose Island 312 Urban Wheat Ale and even three Shock Tops pretty much everywhere. At Brewerytown stands, the selection is even greater with 16-24 ounce cans of all sorts, including cans from Brooklyn, Sam Adams and Troegs.

What does this all mean for you, the loyal Phillies/beer fan? Well, at first glance, due to the addition of a ton of mega cans, there appears to be less 12 ounce bottles and thus fewer local beers at Brewerytown locations. Secondly, rest assured, most ALL of the mainstay local breweries are still represented in draft form throughout the ballpark. Third, after further “examination” (drinking), it means that you’ll enjoy a larger variety of beer at most standard kiosks/stands, not just the specialty stands. In years past, you’d have to race to certain locations to find a variety of beers. Now, you’ll always be able to fall back on some refreshing large cans at any location, like Goose Island and Stella brews.

Since I started this CBP beer spreadsheet three years ago, the question I get asked the most is: What is your favorite beer at the ballpark? My answer: it depends. I like darker/stronger beers in the cooler months, and I prefer crisper/lighter beers during the hot summer games. Here are a few recommends/random beer thoughts:

  • Troegs is representing the craft can beer movement at CBP with a powerful punch. Troegs Trogenator weighs in with an aggressive 8.2% ABV. While I’m not usually a big doppelbock drinker, I can see myself sipping these 16 ounce cans a lot during cooler games.
  • In my opinion, a Corona isn’t a Corona without a lime. Hint, Hint: there are limes, oranges, etc. at the few random Full Bar locations throughout the ballpark. If you want a little citrus in your Corona, Blue Moon or Summer Shandy, you do the math. “Lightbulb.”
  • While some “beer snobs” might frown at some of the summery beers, I personally find the easy access to such can beers is, for lack of better words … “refreshing.” When it’s hot out and the draft line is long, cold cans of Summer Shandy or even Shock Top (three versions) will be easily available if you want a change of pace.
  • As of March 28th, Sam Adams drafts were either Cold Snap or Lager, and there were very few seasonal spring/summer beers. Later in the season, expect plenty of Flying Fish Farmhouse Summer Ale, Sam Adams Summer Ale and Victory Summer Love. We’ll have updates all season long …
  • In the cold, these are some of my favorites: Dogfigh Head 60 Minute IPA (bottle), Goose Island IPA, Ommegang Rare Vos (bottle), Troegs Troegenator (can) Victory HopDevil and Yards Brawler.
  • In the hot summer months, I gravitate towards these brews: Allagash White, PBC Walt Wit, Prism Shady Blonde, Sly Fox Royal Weisse, Troegs DreamWeaver, Victory Swing Session Saison, Victory Summer Love and Yards Philly Pale Ale.

In the end, beer is a personal choice. Our annual CBP Beer Locator hopes to facilitate your baseball-beverage enjoyment. We hope you enjoy our hard work and enjoy whatever beer is your personal favorite. We’ll be updating all season long. Here’s to a great 2014 Phillies season! High Hopes!

Cheers! Go Phillies!

— Lee Porter of ChocolateCoveredMemories.com & MyRuinedLife.com

Go Phillies! (Photo by Lee Porter)
Go Phillies! (Photo by Lee Porter)

CCM’s Phillies CBP Beer Locator – 2014

3 thoughts on “Xtras: 3rd Annual Good Brews at Citizens Bank Park for Phillies Phans [2014 LOCATOR]”

  1. JesseinRoxborough

    Thanks for this excellent guide! I look forward to being able to locate my preferred brews more efficiently, and thus my Crab Fries will be warmer when I return to my seat (aside: I can’t believe how Pete C. treats his employees!).

    Question: My wife loves beer and the Phils even more but has to be gluten-free. The only G-F beer we’ve been able to find at CBP is Red Bridge which is, in her opinion, pretty bad. I’ve certainly tasted many others that were better, and some that were just straight-up good beer, regardless of G-F status. Among others, there’s a good local one from Dogfish Head. Omission out of Portland, OR also makes a good one. Does anyone know an effective way of contacting CBP to encourage them to add another G-F beer to the mix?

  2. Alright, so to understand something – you are certain that the drafts will be seasonably rotated? Alls I know Summer Love better end up on tap at Brewerytown…and by Brewerytown I mean the taps up at 323.

    1. Yes, indeed. Victory Summer Love has hit the draft, and the winter beers have been replaced by summer ales, particularly Samuel Adams. Go Phils! Cheers!

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