Xtras: My Ruined Life’s Foodie Jokes

When not busy interviewing chefs, bakers and food industry folk, CCM blogger Lee Porter (who isn’t a big fan of writing in the first person) writes and produces the award-winning comedy Web series My Ruined Life. The sketch comedy series is currently wrapping up its third season and now consists of over-30 episodes for your viewing (and laughing) pleasure. Where to begin? Well, there’s plenty of foodie jokes sprinkled throughout My Ruined Life. So we thought we’d highlight a few here on our food blog with a little harmless self-promotion. Like the laughs? Check out all three seasons via My Ruined Life’s YouTube page or just go to MyRuinedLife.com. Enjoy the foodie laughs! Cheers!

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TRAILER 2 (Season 3):




* Additional MRL episodes with foodie references include TRANSPORTATION, FABRIC and DAZED & CUBED. Enjoy all of these and many more episodes online at MyRuinedLife.com.

** Are you all caught up on My Ruined Life? Lee’s old Web series/short film WINK comically examines how our online (foodie) world can conflict with our off-line (real) relationships. In other words, it makes fun of Yelp … a lot. Enjoy WINK at ProjectWink.com! Cheers!


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