Chocolate Covered Memories is an ongoing collection of up-close profiles, featuring interviews and recipe-sharing with those in the food world: from chefs and bakers to restaurant owners and food writers. CCM examines where our love for food comes from, our favorite family recipes and where we see this modern food world going. CCM is also your source for essential Philadelphia food/drink spreadsheets. Foodies, we got you(r memories) covered (in chocolate).


Lee toasts.

CCM is founded/edited by writer/producer Lee Porter. Lee’s original, comedy Web series My Ruined Life was awarded “Best Web Series Shot In Philadelphia” and “Audience Favorite (Web Series)” by FirstGlance Film Festival 2012. Lee’s original Web series Wink comically examines how our online (foodie) world can conflict with our off-line (real) relationships. His comedy short/charity project fb4h raises money for the homeless. He is the Mid-Atlantic Regional Manager for Two Roads Brewing Co., the former Philadelphia beer reporter for Ale Street News, a member of the Board of Directors of Azuka Theatre, the editor of the comic book series Adam 12 and a member of the Fishtown Beer Runners. Lee’s work has been featured on Comcast SportsNet, Food Network’s CityEats-Philly, The Gaggle, Liminal Fiction, Philadelphia City Paper, the Philadelphia Daily News, the Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia Weekly‘s Style blog,, Shmitten Kitten, Zoo With Roy and even tweeted by Questlove. Lee “likes” eating and shrugging … and making fun of Internet addicts (even though he is one himself).

Lee eats a “Philly taco” (Ishkabibble’s cheesesteak wrapped in a Lorenzo’s slice)

You’ll find Lee ordering/making: fish tacos, burgers, hoagies, po’ boys, sushi, soft shell crabs, lobster rolls, oysters, octopus, BBQ ribs, anything with avocado, anything with artichokes, anything with coconut, dark chocolate covered pretzels, key lime pie, craft beer, wine, whiskey, rum and gin. Sometimes all at the same time. 😉

Lee eats, man. Lee eats.


Chocolate Covered Memories: savoring food memories & spicing new ones.

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