Recipes: Market Day Canelé’s Gil’s Smoked Salmon Plate

Market Day Canelé‘s Gil Ortale:  At the end of a busy farmers’ market week in the summer, we have a ritual meal of a Sunday smoked salmon plate using produce selected at the weekend markets we’ve worked. We chow down on the deck in West Cape May with some beverages — champagne, beer, Vinho Verde, bloodies, screwdrivers, cider all work very, very well with this plate.

Exhausted after a busy week, we like to celebrate with something fast, chilled, fantastic and festive. Sure, a basic smoked salmon plate is great on its own, but when you plate it up with peak-of-summer farmers’ market stuff, it then moves into “summer sublime territory.” I’m at Headhouse Market every summer on Sunday mornings and Rittenhouse Market every summer on Saturday mornings. Pondering and then assembling a variety of onions, cucumbers, tomatoes, radishes, turnips and herbs to present with expertly sliced smoked salmon is exciting. Uniting peak-flavor garnishes with prime, smoked salmon takes a salmon plate to amazing heights.

With this dish, it is all about seizing the best the season has to offer and chowing down. There’s no cooking, unless you count toasting your bagel. Enjoy!

Market Day Canelé’s Gil’s Smoked Salmon Plate

  • Smoked Salmon:  In Philadelphia, we like Famous 4th Street Delicatessen’s bagels and salmon. River & Glen smoked salmon is worth seeking out.
  • Bread:  In addition to bagels from Famous 4th Street Delicatessen, we like to serve our salmon with pumpernickel ficelles.
  • Vegetables:  Anything and everything you can find fresh at a farmers’ market — onions, cucumbers, tomatoes, radishes, turnips and herbs.
  • Extras:  If you can’t leave well enough alone, a basket of gaufrette potatoes is always welcomed, too.
  • Beverages:  Our favorite beverage to accompany this meal is rose champagne! Beers and cider are great, too, as are bloodies and screwdrivers. Icy, cold glasses of Vinho Verde are perfect, too. Enjoy!


Gil's Summer Salmon Plate
Gil’s Summer Salmon Plate


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