Welcome to “Chocolate Covered Memories”

Welcome to Chocolate Covered Memories.

Chocolate Covered Memories is a forum which examines the origins of our love for food and how the foodie movement is potentially jeopardizing the traditional homemade meal and family recipes.

No matter if we come from foodie families or stumbled on finer foods later in life, our childhoods establish certain loves for foods. Whether they’re traditional Americana (mom’s mac n’ cheese, grandma’s apple pie), a guilty pleasure (candy, milkshakes, junk food) or something in between (our hometown corner store’s mammoth sandwich or local pizzeria); our introductions to food establish certain food loves and definitely create our earliest food memories.

What food smells remind us of our childhood? What family recipes are always passed down from generation to generation? What foods couldn’t we stand as children, and did we overcome those childish fears to now enjoy those eats or not? How did our families gather to eat? Are those food traditions continuing? Or have we splintered off to create new food memories? 

CCM sets out to examine our earliest food memories and what has happened to the traditional home-cooked meal. CCM features up-close profiles of those in the food world, from chefs and bakers to restaurant owners and food writers. We will examine where our love of food comes from and share family recipes that we will always cherish and make from scratch, even if it means turning our computers off for a little while. 😉

So, wipe down your counters, get your measuring cups out and pre-heat your ovens to 450 degrees. Without further adieu, let’s share some Chocolate Covered Memories (and food) with each other …

Foodies, we got you(r memories) covered (in chocolate). 😉

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