Xtras: Good Brews at Citizens Bank Park for Phillies Phans [2012 SPREADSHEET]

You’re a Philadelphia Phillies phan, and you like good beer. Your friend invites you to a game. Your seats are in Section 237 in left field, and all they’re pouring in that tiny corner up there are domestic brews. You know there’s good beer in the park, but you don’t feel like missing three innings of the game to search for your favorite local brew. Then again, just because you root for the Fightins to hit monster home runs off of the gigantic Budweiser sign in right field, doesn’t mean that you actually want to drink Budweiser. Have no fear, great craft beers are practically overflowing at Citizens Bank Park, and now you can find them with a little assistance from your good friends at Chocolate Covered Memories. Yes, indeed, we walked the entire ballpark, recorded what’s on draft, bottle and can in every location (well, we recorded the good stuff, that is) and created the ultimate spreadsheet for craft beer loving Phillies phans.

So, here you go, Philadelphians: Chocolate Covered MemoriesGuide to Good Brews at Citizens Bank Park (2012). Enjoy! Cheers! And, of course, Go Phils!

Update (5/30/12): Well, we are super psyched to report that, as soon as this original post was shared, our CBP beer spreadsheet went crazy viral around Philly. We are very proud and appreciate all the love and kind words. If you prefer a more user-friendly version of our sheet for your smartphone at the ballpark, we upgraded our sheet: Good Brews at Citizens Bank Park (2012) Update [NOTE: 2012 sheet has been deactivated. See newest 2013 post here.] So please share/bookmark our new link and return to check for updated beer locations throughout the season. Enjoy! Cheers! And, of course, again, Go Phils!

Update (4/4/13): Well, it’s another year, and you know what that means … Time for another Phillies Citizens Bank Park beer spreadsheet to ease all your thirsty decisions at CBP. Check out our 2013 post and the latest CBP beer locations here. Get Thirsty! Enjoy! Cheers! And, of course, for another year, again … Go Phils!

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